Wild Horses Kimberley

Protecting the wild horses of the Kimberley in north Western Australia and informing the Australian public about the true value of their wild horses.

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Help us by donating towards the welfare of Roi (aka Billy), an orphan horse from a remote community in East Kimberley.

We will be undertaking a 1,600km round trip to collect Billy, bringing him to Broome for care and training.

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Our Mission

Wild Horses Kimberley Inc. was established in 2007 to protect the wild horses in the Kimberley area of north Western Australia.


We discovered that many specially bred Arabian horses had been left to survive in the wilderness after the missions closed and were now thriving and roaming free but methodically culled by Environmental Departments and Dept. of Agriculture who had no knowledge of their breeding or the ecological values that horses bring to country. 


To curb this ignorance and cruelty we set about advertising the history and breeding and ecological benefits of wild horses by filming, lobbying government departments and adopting wild horses.


The Sheik of Dubai, Mohammed el Maktoum bin Rachid saw our website and sent his vet to meet with us and to visit the Lake Gregory area where he trapped and transported 13 of the amazing Arabian horses to Dubai. It took a person from another country to recognize the true worth of our horses. We were also fortunate to receive 13 horses from Theda station when they sent us another 13 Arabian bred horses which had walked south from their origin at Kalumburu mission in the far north Kimberley. We rehomed nine and kept four to form a small herd which we use for research on Waterbank land near Broome to study the benefits that horses bring to our environment.


The world reknown Ecologist Craig Downer visited us in 2014 and wrote reports on Lake Gregory and Waterbank areas outlining how the horses are keeping areas fire free, well fertalized, protecting and assisting wildlife to flourish.


Recently we were able to raise funds to provide much needed feed to wild horses near Lake Gregory where due to late rains horses were starving.


At present we are compiling information on the history of how the horses of the Kimberley were bred on the missions from imported Arabian bloodlines and have evolved into strong heat resistant horses, very intelligent and skilled, very beautiful horses.


We have also recently discovered another valuable breed of wild horses living on old Tablelands station, now a conservation area. These horses were bred from imported Arabians from Oklahoma and Percherons from Belgium to create the strong resistant wild horses now both there and on Bililuna near Lake Gregory.


Our quest is to inform the Australian public about the true value of their wild horses, the great asset that exists in their preservation and protection.

Work in the Kimberley

At Wild Horses Kimberley, we’ve worked to support the identification, count and protection of horses across a number of sites in the region.  Select below to view our information and galleries.

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